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Packaging for bottles: showcase your spirits with elegance!

For all occasions but especially for a limited edition bottle, for Christmas or Father’s Day, attract your customers with a customized packaging.

Whatever the shape and capacity of the bottle, we will consider together the most beautiful material, the color, the finishing touches… All original ideas are allowed. As a manufacturer of packaging for wines and spirits, our role is to assist you in the creation of a packaging that matches your brand identity.

Do you have an idea? A desire? Talk to our creative team! Our guarantee: 100% French manufacturing and customization. Les Etuis Mirault have over 150 years of experience in creating packaging. Let us inspire you!

Bottle cases, showcase and protect your product!

Discover our possibilities of creating custom cases to accompany your prestigious bottles of wine or strong spirits. Our range of accessories will catch the eye of your customers and stand out on the shelves.
But beyond the aesthetic aspect, the bottle case protects the glass during transport, impacts and bumps are thus limited.
The customer who wants to offer a good bottle of wine to a loved one without having a clear idea of the producer or the grape variety can be seduced by a beautiful packaging. This is sometimes the decisive element, so think about it!

Fabric bags for bottles to carry your wine safely!

In order to offer or carry a bottle, we recommend the creation of fabric bottle bags. Tailor-made and fully customizable, choose the material, the colors and the finishing touches!
Do you want to highlight your logo and design with an all-over print? Do you want to use eco-responsible materials for the manufacturing? Entrust us with your bottle bag manufacturing needs.

Drawstring bottle pouches for wines and spirits

Another packaging that makes a difference: the drawstring pouch for spirits. More minimalist, it is no less effective for your communication strategy. Often made of leather or other natural materials such as cork, it allows you to wrap the bottle in a simple way.
The advantage of the drawstring pouch is that it can be used for many occasions. Once the bottle is empty, it can be used to carry other everyday items.

Packaging for wines and spirits: some of our creations

Packagings: discover our fields of practice

Hotel and wellness industry

The world of wine and spirits is not the only one that rhymes with luxury. Ranked hotels and wellness centers must also take care of their brand image. That’s why Les Etuis Mirault offer tailor-made packaging: luggage, embroidered bathroom accessories…

Promotional objects

Promotional objects are necessary, no matter what your business field is. It allows you to promote your brand and spread its image through an object. Briefcases, card holders, key rings… We manufacture all the custom promotional objects you need.