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Our CSR policy — Les Etuis Mirault

Every day, we manufacture accessible, eco-responsible packaging that respects people and nature. Convinced that the implementation of a CSR approach is possible and necessary in the textile industry, we follow this path through daily actions. Certifications and labels, choice of eco-responsible materials… The modernization of our industrial processes has been accompanied by a strong environmental approach. But that’s not all! The Mirault company is also committed to social and regional values by producing in France.

What are our certifications related to our CSR policy?


Our fabrics are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX®. This certification ensures the use of environmentally friendly processes during all stages of fabric production and processing. Heavy metals, formaldehydes and carcinogenic amines are prohibited. This quality label also certifies that the materials produced are free of toxic substances.


We have set up and monitor our Ecovadis rating, which allows us to reinforce our CSR performance. Ecovadis attests of our leadership in our industry. This is achieved by respecting good practices in the areas of Human Rights and Social, Environmental, Ethical, and Responsible Purchasing Rights.


This acronym may not mean anything to you… and yet some of our packaging has the GOTS “organic” label. This means that their production must include at least 95% certified organic fibers.

GOTS also focuses on:

  • Social criteria.
  • The prohibition of the use of toxic chemicals.
  • The technical quality of the finished product and the implementation of a social responsibility policy.


France Industry would like to remind you that manufacturing in France contributes to the acceleration of the reindustrialisation of our territories, the preservation of local jobs and the achievement of the objectives of reducing France’s carbon footprint.

What are our daily CSR actions ?

The choice of eco-responsible materials for our packagings

Eco-responsible materials are produced in ways that have the least possible impact on the environment. This includes limiting the energy used during cultivation and prohibiting the use of synthetic products (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.) and genetically modified organisms.

The practice of upcylcing

We reuse existing material to produce new packaging. Using fabric scraps and stitches, we create new packaging designs. With upcycling, nothing is lost, everything is transformed! Reworking old clothes to embellish them and give them a new life in the form of packaging is part of our daily work.

The production of packagings that are reusable beyond limits

Fabric packaging means reusable packaging! There is no reason to produce packaging that will end up in the trash. Tote bags, zipper pouches, cases… they are designed to last for years and this considerably limits waste. You give a better image of your company yourself by offering them to your customers!

100% Made in France

To be committed to the environment also means to reduce the carbon footprint of your company. Producing in France is for us the guarantee to reduce our travels and therefore our consumption of fossil energy. It is also a social commitment by helping to maintain employment in our region.