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Discover all our materials for your custom packaging!

What material should you choose for your product’s packaging? It is not easy to answer this question with the diversity of fabrics available on the market. If the materials are varied, they are not all of quality. Get professional advice to make the right choice.

As passionate creators, Les Etuis Mirault work with the most beautiful materials to create exceptional fabric packaging. We are committed to enhancing your products by creating innovative packaging.

A fabric is composed of fibers from natural or chemically obtained materials. These fibers are then used to manufacture yarns or filaments that will be the basis for the design of this or that type of textile.

So don’t leave your product packaging to chance! Call on Les Etuis Mirault, packaging manufacturer since 1869.

Natural, vegetable or animal materials: simplicity and aesthetic guarantee

These materials are widely acclaimed for their minimalistic aspect and their ecological impact: cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp, sisal, pineapple fiber, coconut fiber, jute…They give the packaging a neat look.

Other more noble natural materials give to your packaging a luxurious appearance. This is particularly true for silk or leather. Whether you want a classic or luxury packaging, we adapt to your request.

Artificial and synthetic fibers: an excellent price-quality ratio

The artificial fiber is obtained from the transformation of natural fiber. It is the case of viscose, lyocell, acetate, lurex… These materials are just as beautiful and appreciated. Artificial fiber allows the manufacturing of custom-made quality packaging.

The synthetic fiber is the result of chemical process. It encompasses polyesters, microfibers, nylons, elastane. Lightness, resistance… for flexible packagings.

Eco-responsible materials, towards a sustainable development of the textile industry

In order to respect the environment, we have chosen to offer you a wide range of eco-responsible materials: cotton, organic cotton, linen, jute, hemp, seaqual, and all materials in RPET. These materials are ecological but also biodegradable. This is the case of Lyocell.

Have you also thought about using your fabric scraps? Upcycling is very trendy and allows you to repurpose fabric scraps while proposing very beautiful packagings: zipper pouches, drawstring pouches, tote bags…

Our company is part of a CSR approach recognized by various labels: GOTS, ECOVADIS, EPV recognition… The materials we use are Reach and OEKO-TEX® certified.

Custom-made packaging, a guarantee of quality

Offering you custom-made products means putting forward our creative skills thanks to our product designers as well as our production capacities thanks to our semi-industrial machines, whatever the level of customization, in order to offer you an exclusive creation that meets your brand identity.

Be different, bold and original with Les Etuis Mirault and their 270 passionate collaborators.

French expertise halfway between industry and craftsmanship

Thanks to our expertise and the modernization of our industrial processes over the years, we now produce on a large scale while controlling manufacturing costs.

Although the manufacturing is done with the use of machinery, the finishing touches are equivalent to handmade work. In order to present you a finished product with a handmade look, we have chosen to manufacture our packaging in our French workshops. Rigor and precision are the order of the day! 

Les Etuis Mirault have 270 collaborators: a design and prototyping division, traditional dressmakers and seamstresses for handcrafted finishing touches, a semi-automatic industry with a fleet of machines that is constantly thought out, rethought and renewed in order to be on the cutting edge of technology.