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Creation of customized zipper pouches that will win over your customers!

Seduce and develop customer loyalty by offering them a customized case, in perfect harmony with your brand image! In addition to allowing your customers to carry multiple items and thus be useful to them, it will promote your brand wherever they are.
As a manufacturer of customized packaging since 1869, Les Etuis Mirault are the partner of choice for designing quality, handcrafted zipper pouches and luxury zipper pouches. Thanks to our extensive machinery and automation skills, we can manufacture zipper pouches on a large-scale with high quality finishing touches.

Zipper pouches customizable in all shapes and colors

As you can guess, Les Etuis Mirault tailor your zipper pouches and other packaging entirely to your needs. This means that you are in charge of the choices for the manufacturing of the packaging:

  • The material: natural, synthetic, eco-responsible, a coated fabric for permeability, or a “girly” fabric with some glitter, you have the cards in your hands.
  • The density: for a cosmetic case, choose a thicker fabric density to gain in resistance and for a more luxurious look.
  • Dimensions: no standard size, we define the dimensions to adapt the size of the zipper pouch to its use.
  • The shape: flat, half-moon, T-shaped, single or double compartment, the choice of the shape is diverse.
  • The color: depending on the fabric chosen, it can be neutral, colored, with or without patterns. It is even possible to opt for a fabric with sequins or glitter.
  • The closing mechanism: metal or nylon zipper, snap, the choice is yours!
  • The finishing touches: what if we added a piping for a nice touch? Or a strap for a good grip…
  • Marking: silk-screen printing of your logo on the fabric and a woven label. Elegance guaranteed.

Zipper pouches with many possible uses

Toiletry pouch

Ideal for storing beauty products, the toiletry pouch slips easily into a suitcase and follows your customers during their travels. It takes the form of a soft fabric pouch or a vanity case. If you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers, this is the perfect gift!

Makeup pouch

It is common to see large makeup groups offering zipper pouches to their customers. These cosmetic pouches, with the brand’s logo, often take the form of a clutch bag and have the advantage of taking up little space in a handbag. It is thus easy to access one’s beauty products.

Jewelry pouch

The jewelry pouch can be used by your customers to carry their favorite jewelry without the hassle of a large box while traveling. Roll-up cases are designed to protect rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings and keep them intact throughout the trip.

Lingerie pouch

As its name indicates, the lingerie pouch is used to store underwear but not only! It is particularly useful to store small ready-to-wear accessories, shoes, belts, swimsuits, beach accessories or scarves and thus save space in the suitcase. It also prevents lingerie from getting damaged.

Our latest zipper pouches designs

Are you looking for another type of packaging?


Les Etuis Mirault design custom drawstring pouches. Made from the raw material of your choice, these small packages allow you to carry light objects in your handbag.

Bags and tote bags

Larger than a zipper pouch, totes bags and fabric bags are useful for shopping, taking books to the library or carrying lunch to work.