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Manufacturing of customized cases, combine utility and elegance!

Cases are everywhere… Whether it is to protect a bottle, glasses or a high-end pen, they are part of our daily life. So, there is no chance of making them into ordinary boxes, they have become real fashion accessories.

Faced with the strong demand for customized packaging, Les Etuis Mirault have been able to adapt. By modernizing our industrial processes, we are now able to produce boxes on a large scale, while guaranteeing traditional finishing touches.

Choose a custom case

We promise you exceptional cases to convey your brand image and protect your products. As a customizable and luxurious packaging, the case is suitable for all industries, including :

  • The world of wines and spirits: the practical and robust bottle case will bring a refined finishing touch and a guarantee of quality to your spirits.
  • The ready-to-wear accessories: the glasses case has appeared as a trendy accessory. The glasses are matched to your outfit, the case will be matched to your glasses.
  • The luxurious industry of jewelry and watchmaking with, for instance, watch cases.
  • Promotional objects to allow you to promote your brand through a unique packaging. This explains why high-end pen cases or e-cigarette cases are getting more and more original.

Your case customized in the finest details

If there is a packaging that can be customized to perfection, it is this one. So stand out from the competition with an outstanding creation and let your ideas speak for themselves:

  • The material: you imagine it to be light, shiny, resistant… or do you want a natural, organic or synthetic fiber fabric? Our sourcing and creative teams will help you find the right fabric for your product. Have you imagined creating your own fabric, in natural or recycled fibers? This is also possible.
  • The density: in order to effectively protect your product, the fabric must have a high density. The thicker the fabric, the more rounded the packaging. It is essential to start with a high density fabric that will provide the packaging with all the necessary mechanical resistance.
  • The shape: flap case, double case, soft or hard, with or without collar, rolling case…create the case of your dreams and make it unique!
  • The closing system: with cord or ribbon, snap button or zipper, find the right compromise between aesthetics and ease of use.
  • The finishing touches: depending on the fabric chosen and the desired effect, the sewing techniques may vary: overlocking, satin stitch, saddle stitch… Let us assist you!
  • The marking: According to the material used, a type of marking will be preferred. For cotton, linen… screen printing will be appropriate. For velvet, suede — gold or silver hot stamping will be the most beautiful effect. And as for embroidery, let our expertise guide you.

And why not consider an all over printing of your design and logo?

Focus on the trendy cases at the moment!

  • The leather case: a noble material, leather is timeless and particularly resistant for the manufacture of cases.
  • The artificial leather case: it is undoubtedly the most requested type of case because of its affordable price but also because of the possibilities of customization. Indeed, whether it is the color or the texture, the artificial leather allows you to try all the possibilities.
  • The felt case: appreciated for its robustness and its waterproof qualities, it will be the perfect ally to protect your creations.

Les Etuis Mirault’s latest creations

Discover even more customizable packagings!


A must-have storage accessory, the zipper pouch fits everywhere. In a handbag, in a suitcase, it finds its place in your daily life. Offer your customers a toiletry or makeup pouch, the goal is always to please!

Jewelry plates and inserts

Accompany your jewelry with a refined presentation thanks to our custom-made jewelry plates and inserts. Your jewelry will be highlighted for a unique look.