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Packaging for clothing and accessories, make a difference!

Fashion retailers, boot makers, what if you offered your customers more than just a beautiful fashion accessory? Les Etuis Mirault are also a manufacturer of custom-made textile packaging to decorate or protect ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. A real asset for your advertising strategy!

Why are our packaging for clothing, lingerie, shoes and accessories so popular with customers? Because they are luxurious, reusable, and allow you to transport your products. A great way to build customer loyalty.

A luxury brand, a company with strong ecological values… The image you wish to convey is at the core of our work. When you call on Les Etuis Mirault, you are choosing a tailor-made product and French manufacturing. Still hesitating?

Upcycling, at the core of our packaging design process

Do you know what upcycling is? In practice it is the method of transforming a product to give it a second life. In the world of textiles, upcycling consists of making packaging and other accessories from fabric scraps. This eco-responsible production method limits the environmental impact of the textile industry. So why not leave your excess fabric to us, we will make garment covers or drawstring pouches for even more visibility, all businesses included.

Glasses cases and more!

Now a real fashion accessory, the glasses case is more than a simple storage box. One appreciates to take it out of their bag, as one appreciates to wear a pretty pair of shoes. From original shapes to bright colors, animal or floral prints, there is something for everyone.

Looking for a case that stands out? We direct you to quality materials, surprising textures, unique colors and patterns. We also offer cases to store your e-cigarette or pen.

Fabric bags and tote bags, bags that you can take everywhere!

If there is a bag that does not go unnoticed in the street, it is the tote bag. Whether it’s a patterned or colored fabric, many carry it on their shoulder. Nothing could be easier for your branding than to offer a nice tote bag to your customers. In addition to being true vectors of your brand, your customers will be delighted to be able to use this reusable bag in many everyday occasions. Material, color, all-over printing or label, with or without pockets, customize the tote bag and make it a promotional item that reflects you!

From zipper pouches to lingerie drawstring pouches, each textile has its own packaging

Luxury house, high fashion brand, clothing brand, Les Etuis Mirault manufacture customized fabric packaging. Fine lingerie, swimwear, scarves, we decorate your ready-to-wear accessories with beautiful materials. You can choose from a zipper pouch, a lingerie drawstring pouch, a clutch bag and much more

Whether you want packaging made of noble materials or prefer to use eco-responsible materials, we can meet your needs. Dare to stand out, contact Les Etuis Mirault!

Multiple accessories: garment covers, shoe bags, belt cases…

Our expertise does not stop there. Embark us in all your projects and promote your products. Garment covers, drawstring pouches, belt display cases, let us create amazing packaging to showcase your creations. Our team will assist you in the choice of materials and textures to match your packaging with your brand image.

References: some of our ready-to-wear packaging

Looking for a luxury packaging manufacturer? You are at the right place!

Packaging for cosmetics and fragrances

Present your wellness products in the most beautiful way with an elegant packaging. Your customers are aware of this and it is a major factor in their intention to buy. From drawstring pouches to zipper pouches, Les Etuis Mirault recommend promotional products to get closer to your customers.

Packaging for jewelry and watchmaking

Reveal all the splendor of your jewelry with a luxurious packaging. In order to present your jewelry in the best possible way, we manufacture jewelry cases, cushions, inserts and plates. Once picked, you won’t be able to do without them!