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Luxury and promotional products industry: to each industry a fitting packaging

Finding the ideal packaging for your product and your business is our job. So dare to be original and contact Les Etuis Mirault to find the packaging that matches your needs. For more than 150 years, we have been assisting customers with various needs. Luxury packaging, eco-responsible packaging… Tell us how you want to promote your brand and we’ll take care of the rest.
Do you really want to make a difference? Les Etuis Mirault are much more than a packaging company. French manufacturing, artisanal expertise, control of production costs, calling on our services is to ensure quality and respect of the budget.

Why is it so important to work on your packaging?

The packaging arouses the interest of your customers and it is often what makes them choose your product over another. As a tool for your marketing strategy, it is also linked to the product and must be used to protect and transport it.
Put all the odds on your side with an exceptional packaging consistent with your corporate values. Our creative team is here to assist you and to set up specifications, if they are not already defined.

Cosmetics and fragrances: elegant and practical packagings

Looking for the packaging that will highlight your cosmetic products and protect them? Drawstring pouches, zipper pouches, offer your customers a useful object. In addition to being pretty, these packages are practical and easy to carry in a bag, whatever the size. When it comes to customization, there are many choices: materials, colors, finishing touches… So are you ready to start creating your own?

Textile and ready-to-wear: protect your creations with style

It’s possible to highlight your brand universe while protecting your clothes! We manufacture in our French workshops your garment covers, lingerie bags, tote bags, etc. according to your preferences. And for a CSR commitment, choose natural or recycled fibers.

Jewelry and watchmaking industry: decorate your works with harmony

In the world of jewelry, packaging requires all our attention. Since the packaging is the first thing the customer sees, it must be well thought out and elegant to convey a positive image of your brand. Les Etuis Mirault understand this, which is why we customize and manufacture your jewelry packaging. Drawstring pouches, cushions, but also jewelry plates and inserts.

Wines and spirits: protected and embellished bottles

Give a refined touch to your spirits by covering them with a bottle case! The goal? Attract the eye of your customers in store while protecting the glass. Leather, cork, suede, satin, noble materials are available for a luxurious look. Colors and finishing touches are determined according to your preferences and the manufacturing is entirely tailor-made.

Hotel and wellness products: build customer loyalty

Towels embroidered with the name of your company, a set of luggage…the small attentions towards your customers testify of your sympathy. Customers are aware of this and keep in mind a good image of your welcome. A packaging with the name of your hotel or your spa center also allows you to convey your brand image beyond the walls of your establishment.

Promotional products for all businesses

Do you want to promote your new product with packaging that stands out? Les Etuis Mirault have the solution! Zipper pouches, key rings, card holders… We create your promotional items to distinguish you from your competitors and build customer loyalty.