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Manufacture of packaging for jewelry, enhance your creations!

Beautiful jewelry goes hand in hand with elegant packaging. In order to highlight your creation and give it its most beautiful shine when you open the case, the packaging must be carefully thought out. That’s why Les Etuis Mirault propose the manufacture of jewelry plates and inserts, cushions, and other packaging to showcase your jewelry.

Thanks to our semi-automated processes, we are able to respond to your creative requests, whatever the quantities to be produced. We emphasize the importance of making each packaging unique and of achieving artisanal finishing touches.

Why customize jewelry packaging?

If you work in the jewelry or watch industry, custom jewelry packaging can create a unique customer experience. Choose the material: silk, satin, a gorgeous cotton. The black color for the shine of your jewelry, the size to fit your creation. Print your logo, customize with a ribbon… The tailor-made to enhance your jewelry.

Custom-made jewelry plates and inserts

Decorate your jewelry with a delicate fabric with our plates and inserts. These inserts allow you to position your jewelry at its most appealing angle when you open the box. A sign of refinement and aestheticism, jewelry plates and inserts must perfectly fit inside the box for an elegant presentation of your jewelry.

They also play an essential role in the protection of the jewelry and allow you to transport your necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other jewels without hindrance. 

Custom jewelry cushions

The jewelry cushion holds the ornament of your choice. It is particularly used to showcase a watch, a bracelet… Made in the shape, material and color of your choice, it allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and to highlight your creation.

Beyond its aesthetic aspect, it protects the jewelry by absorbing impacts that could occur during transport for instance.

Choosing the right jewelry packaging

There is a multitude of packaging for jewelry and it is not always easy to choose. First of all, it must correspond to your brand image and the finishing touches must be impeccable. Traditional jewelry, premium jewelry, luxury jewelry, we help you choose a packaging adapted to your creations:

  • The drawstring pouch: useful to carry your rings or other accessories when you travel.
  • The jewelry plate and insert: allows to position in its box the piece of jewelry for a beautiful presentation.
  • The cushion: the must-have to display your watches and bracelets.
  • The roll-up case: a useful gift to give to your customers to transport their jewelry.

Hot stamping, embossing, or printing, we put all our expertise at your service to create a packaging that suits you.

Discover our jewelry packagings

Discover our packagings to carry your jewelry


The case is very useful for protecting a necklace, a bracelet or a watch. Les Etuis Mirault design a case adapted to each of your creations. The case is entirely designed by our creative teams and manufactured in our French workshops.

Drawstring pouches

In order to easily transport your jewelry, we manufacture custom-made drawstring pouches and roll-up cases. Dimensions, colors, fabrics, finishes, the choice is endless and our team is there to assist you with your unique packaging.