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Packagings for promotional products — a 100% customizable design!

Give gifts to your customers while promoting your brand with our line of promotional objects! Textiles, accessories, goodies, the possibilities are numerous in the field of promotional products. And with Les Etuis Mirault, the choice is even wider because each promotional item is custom-made in our French workshops.

As a company specialized in flexible fabric packaging, we can meet all your requirements. Small, medium or large series, our machinery at the cutting edge of the latest technological advances allows us to handle all types of projects with controlled budgets.

Why offer promotional products to your customers?

The promotional gift market does not stop at tee-shirts, caps and pens. Zipper pouches, tote bags, fabric bags, and other accessories are all part of the gifts you offer. The bonus of the product: it is tailor-made with a complete customization in our French workshops.

The top trendy products in 2022: it is above all products made in France, eco-responsible and innovative products.

The promotional object is a gift that you offer to your customers and on which appears your logo, an information or a representative image of your brand. It allows you to communicate on your brand in order to develop its notoriety or to promote a particular object.
Promotional objects also have other functions and can be used to:

  • Thank or develop customer loyalty.
  • Prospect for new customers.
  • Show your interest to your partners…

What type of promotional objects do we create?

  • Advertising bags, satchels, tote bags, beach bags…
  • Aprons, foutas, towels, drawstring pouches
  • Beauty accessories: makeup removal discs, zipper pouches, hair bands
  • Microfiber wipes, microfiber gloves
  • Office accessories: filing cabinet, desk pad, folder
  • Car wallet, passport and travel documents, health documents
  • Key rings
  • Customized cases for pens, glasses, e-cigarettes…
  • Advertising bags and satchels: the ideal way to easily carry many everyday items.
  • Briefcases: to carry files, computer…in all simplicity !
  • Filing cabinets: to store and classify your administrative documents and never lose them ever again !
  • Desk pads: office accessory, it allows to protect the desk’s surface when writing, drawing or cutting.
  • Car wallet: to be placed in the glove compartment of the car, it gathers all the mandatory papers of the vehicle. Very practical!
  • Key rings: never lose your home or car keys ever again!
  • Foutas: usable as a sofa cover, bedspread or beach towel, our foutas have more than one surprise in store for you…
  • Zipper pouches: to take your writing or drawing kit with you on a creative activity or a trip.
  • Microfiber wipes: to clean your glasses wherever you are, this accessory is a must!
  • Customized cases: for pens, glasses…

We assist you for all your promotional product creation requests!

Infinite customization for your promotional products

Les Etuis Mirault have sales and creative teams at your side throughout the project. Each request is studied and customized in the finest detail to convey a brand image that matches you:

  • Materials: do you want to communicate your commitment to the environment? Choose eco-responsible materials with our organic or recycled textile fibers. Need to show a luxurious image? Silk, linen, leather… many options await you!
  • Colors: neutral to reflect a traditional image, flashy to emphasize your innovative side or patterned fabric for the utmost originality… the choice is yours!
  • Finishes: embroidery, printing, silk-screening … depending on the material used, we advise you on customization and finishing touches for a unique rendering.

Some references of packaging for promotional items

Other packagings that you could be interested in…

Packagings for textiles and ready-to-wear

Promotional products are used a lot in the textile and ready-to-wear world. Have you thought about drawstring pouches or folders to pack your products? Covers to protect them? There is still time to have them made, ask us for advice!

Packagings for wines and spirits

To present a quality wine or spirit, a beautiful packaging is essential. It can even be a determining factor in the act of purchase. Bottle case, display stand, drawstring pouch… We make your packaging according to your wishes in our workshops in France.