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Les Etuis Mirault: expertise in custom packaging manufacture since 1869

A family business specialized in flexible packaging

Les Etuis Mirault were founded in 1869 by Mr. Mirault and Mr. Leborgne.

Six generations have followed, making Les Etuis Mirault a resolutely family-owned company. Today, our company has more than 270 collaborators and has become the main creator of flexible packagings in France.

We are the partner of the great names of French luxury, and more!

The elaboration and the development of a packaging, it is the materialization of the image of a brand. It is not only to translate ideas and desires, but also to put forward products… To rework, to listen, to share, to exchange… In a single word to collaborate.
In nearly 150 years, our company has become a true partner for the French luxury industry thanks to its flexibility, availability, discretion and values. We also work with advertisers who wish to promote their products, regardless of their business.

French expertise at every stage of production

Our mastery of textile craftsmanship

We know today how to adapt to all production constraints: one-offs, small and medium series… We provide you with:

  • The cutting of all types of fabrics and materials: cottons, linens, jacquards… but also leather, PU…
  • The mastery of flat stitching techniques, saddle stitching, overlocking, satin stitching…
  • The customization of your choice: screen printing, hot stamping, transfer, embroidery…

A semi-automatic industry

We have modernized our machinery over the years with new processes and unique and patented industrial machines. It allows us today to assist you on large scale projects by addressing the issues of time, quantity and lower production costs. All this while preserving the reliability and quality of manual craftsmanship!
In partnership with a design and engineering office, we are constantly developing new tools and manufacturing processes to remain at the cutting edge of technology. In the future, to assist you, we will continue to evolve…

Reinforced quality control

We impose French standards of excellence, even for products from our foreign partners, through a permanent and demanding control in France. Our partners are regularly checked at your request for BSCI, ISO8000…
We are guided by one objective: “zero defects”. This approach allows us to ensure that our customers receive impeccable products, in terms of quality and finish as well as the values associated with them.

An approach close to our customers

Since every customer is different, since every project is born from a new idea… We are at your side with the same high standards, whatever the level of difficulty of your request. More than a simple manufacturer, we favour a customized assistance for each project.

Strong company values since our creation

  • Exigency
  • Excellence
  • Confidentiality

We attach particular importance to sustainable development, respect of the environment and social rights. Our values shape the way our employees communicate with our customers and help to build our corporate culture.

Our guideline: research, development and innovation

Research: to be modern and constantly surprise you… We seek to innovate and show creativity in each of our packaging. Customized manufacturing allows us to be as close as possible to the identity of your brand.
Development: to us it means to be able to give you a broad variety of choices in order to create packagings that meet your needs.
Innovation: being modern also means adapting to new demands without giving up our artisanal expertise. This is why the combination of our art and our semi-industrial processes has allowed us to conquer new markets and to meet increasingly complex and important orders.

Our expertise through pictures: our most beautiful creations