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Manufacture of packagings for special products

Each product has its own packaging! Many of you ask us for specific packaging for certain everyday products. Choice of materials, colors, finishing touches, we adapt to your requests. And for a maximum of customization, we can even propose you the confection of custom fabric.

Aprons, clutch bags, garment covers, briefcases, key rings… Thanks to our diverse machinery and our skills in automation, we are able to produce special packaging in large quantities.

Packaging for all industries and businesses!

Let your creativity express itself and offer your customers a unique object to convey the values of your brand. Our creations are varied and reach all business fields:

  • Manufacture of hotel accessories and laundry: towels, garment covers, cushions, luggage sets…
  • Manufacturing of cosmetic accessories: makeup remover wipes, hair bands…
  • Manufacture of packaging for the textile and ready-to-wear industries: garment covers, aprons, etc.
  • Promotional products: briefcase, folder, desk pad, key ring, card holder…
  • Products for the tourism industry: cases, luggage and travel document cases, seat covers, satchels…

And much more!

A high level of customization for each packaging

For each type of packaging, we will assist you in choosing the attributes of your custom packaging.

  • The material: natural fiber, synthetic fiber or eco-responsible fiber, there is something for every budget. We also offer custom-made fabric or jacquard woven design, whatever the quality of the yarn to be woven, for an exclusive look. So you can plan a unique material or original fabric assemblies!
  • The density: The weight of the fabric will depend on the thickness of the yarn and its density during weaving. The lighter the fabric, the more flexible it will be. The heavier the fabric, the more protective it will be.
  • The dimensions: the packaging is custom designed according to the characteristics of your product to be inserted inside.
  • The shape: flat, voluminous, sheathing or loose, the tailor-made design opens all the possibilities.
  • The color: dare to play with the color or patterns for a unique rendering. And why not make your fabric in your own colors?
  • The closing mechanism: satin ribbon, grosgrain, cotton or polyester cord, waxed or cotton lace, zipper — it will be determined according to your packaging.
  • The finishing touches: our machines allow us to render the equivalent of handmade work by using several sewing techniques: saddle stitching, overlocking, satin stitch…
  • Marking: it’s the final touch to your packaging. Thanks to our different marking techniques, we can create a packaging that reflects your identity. Silk-screen printing, silver or gold hot stamping, embossing, or all-over printing on fabric, the choice is yours.

Discover some of our packagings for special products

Other types of packagings that will seduce you


Cases are used to protect fragile everyday objects. Glasses, watches, e-cigarettes, jewelry, pens, bottles of spirits… We design and manufacture custom cases in our workshops in France. Choose the material, the shape and the color, we take care of the rest!

Bags and tote bags

Carry your favorite items with ease with a tote bag or fabric bag. We make bags to match your brand’s image using the material and colors of your choice. Ideal to convey a positive image of your brand and to be closer to your customers!