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Manufacturing of customized drawstring pouches: an essential tool to promote your brand!

Small format packaging is a must for any marketing strategy. It provides a luxurious cover for your product and highlights it while giving your brand greater visibility. Choose the size and material you want, and Les Etuis Mirault will take care of the rest.

Why choose Les Etuis Mirault? With a strong artisanal expertise since 1869, we have adapted our production methods over the decades to develop a semi-industrial tool that can handle large-scale projects while guaranteeing finishing touches worthy of a handmade creation.

Custom-made drawstring pouches for all businesses

Drawstring pouches are the perfect answer to the advertising needs of all businesses. The goal: to build customer loyalty and win over new ones by conveying a positive and eco-responsible image of your brand. These small closed bags with a high level of customization prove to be particularly useful in your advertising strategies:

Drawstring pouches with limitless customization: shape, color, material…

Whatever the desired finishing touches, we determine with you several key elements for its design such as =

  • Its material: natural, synthetic or eco-responsible fiber, the choice of the material will define your preference. There are nearly twenty references among which you can make your choice! And if you want a bi-material drawstring pouch or an assembly of several materials, it is possible. We also propose the manufacture of custom-made fabrics from recycled materials.
  • Its density: this characteristic concerns obviously the weight of the fabric but also its thickness. The choice of the density will play a role of protection or will give to the packaging a luxurious aspect.
  • Its dimensions: we adapt the size of the drawstring pouch to the product it is intended to pack. No pre-made product, we make the drawstring pouch according to its final content.
  • Its shape: round, rectangular, with or without collar, in the shape of a clutch bag, try all the possibilities for your pouch.
  • Its color: choose the color of the fabric according to your brand image! Are you more natural, flashy, colorful or patterned: let your imagination run wild!
  • Its type of closing mechanism: cord, lace, ribbon, zipper, snap or buckle, to each their own style!
  • Its finishing touches: single stitch, overlock, double-fold hem… The choice of the finishing touches to use depends on the fabric and the function of the object.
  • Its marking: screen printing, silver or gold hot stamping, embossing, or an all over printing on the fabric. The logo has its place on your fabric packaging: it is your image that is conveyed to highlight your product.

What are the most popular fabrics for the customization of drawstring pouches?

The current trend is undoubtedly that of natural materials, with a search for authenticity and simplicity. Here are some examples of natural fiber drawstring pouches that we regularly make:

  • The classic or organic drawstring pouch
  • The linen drawstring pouch
  • The silk drawstring pouch
  • The leather drawstring pouch
  • The jute drawstring pouch

Discover our latest
drawstring pouches

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