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Custom-designed packagings: dare to be original!

The objective is always the same: to please your customers! Why not entrust us with the creation of packaging that meets your expectations? Les Etuis Mirault have over 150 years of experience in the manufacture of packaging in all industries.
Colored, patterned, glittery fabrics… all kinds of materials to be as close as possible to your brand image. Eco-responsible materials to take your CSR approach even further. You only have one team to call, contact Les Etuis Mirault for an outstanding packaging.

A creative team to bring your projects to life

Les Etuis Mirault are not simply a manufacturer of custom packaging. We are much more. We put a team of stylists/modelers at your service to design and make your packaging unique.
You don’t have any ideas and don’t know where to go? No problem, our team is full of creative and innovative souls. By monitoring the market trends, they will be able to offer you a complete set of specifications or assist you if you already have a precise idea for your packaging.

Customized manufacturing for unique creations

Les Etuis Mirault manufacture all your fabric packaging and all materials that can be sewn. Whether it is a gift for your customers or a packaging to protect your product, each request is studied in its finest details. Sizes, materials, finishes, it is beyond consideration for us to offer you a packaging from the shelf.
Our range of products and skills are varied: zipper pouches, drawstring pouches, cases, tote bags, garment covers, inserts, cushions… We also respond to your requests for original creations, special products and promotional items to surprise your customers. So, are you ready to start manufacturing your new packaging?

Custom-made fabric, for an even stronger brand image

Do you want a stance and an image? We offer you a fabric exclusively tailored to your needs: classic or jacquard weaving, dyeing to your colors and all finishing touches for a fabric that matches you.
And to meet your eco-responsible commitments, select natural or recycled fibers.

All-over printing, don't go unnoticed!

If there is one printing technique that is well suited to fabric packaging, it is all-over printing. Unlike other methods, this one particularly highlights your logo and design printed directly on the surface of the fabric. Wherever your customers go, your brand is visible. More than a printing technique, an unerring marketing strategy!

Handcrafted finishing touches that will make a difference!

Although industrial, our machinery allows us to produce finishing touches similar to handmade work. Double fold hem, overlocking, satin stitch… Also choose the closing mechanism adapted to your packaging: pretty drawstring, satin ribbon or grosgrain ribbon, classic or invisible zipper, snap button or classic button. Your packaging will be even more beautiful!

And for a more advanced customization: the manufacture of your logo in silk-screen printing, or hot stamping gold or silver, embossing, embroidery… you have the choice.

Our custom-made packagings: some examples