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Packagings for cosmetics and fragrances — custom-made and unique creations

Each cosmetic product has a story. The goal of the packaging is to tell it. Move your clientele, show them why your product is different from the others. Beyond its aesthetic and neat aspect, packaging shows that you give importance to each detail which grants an added value to your products. That is why it must be consistent with the brand values you want to convey. Colors, finishing touches, labeling… these choices matter! What if you went even further?

As suppliers of cosmetic packaging since 1869, Les Etuis Mirault are your trusted partner for a successful customer experience, regardless of your professional field.

The zipper pouch, a must-have for your cosmetic packagings

Because it fits everywhere, the zipper pouch accompanies your daily life. In our bathrooms, in our travel or sports bags, it is an essential accessory. So what better way to store your cosmetics than in a zipper pouch? Wash bag or makeup bag, stay close to your customers wherever they go. Are you more of a faux leather case for the fantasy? Silk case for the luxurious aspect or cotton for the ecological side? What if you stimulated your sales with an eco-designed case, a guarantee of quality and commitment.

Drawstring pouches : an original packaging for cosmetic products.

Because they add a handmade dimension to your brand, drawstring pouches are must-have packaging items. They allow you to store and transport small toiletries with ease. Original in their shape and customizable in every detail, they will not go unnoticed. But tell us, do you prefer plain or patterned materials, ribbon or cord string? Choose the size, the fabric, the decorations and our design team will advise and guide you!

Special packagings for products that will make a difference!

To win over your customers and build loyalty, our ideas go further than just making zipper pouches and drawstring pouches. We offer you the manufacturing of numerous cosmetic accessories.

Makeup remover wipes, hair bands or even towels, your customers will think of you every time they go to the bathroom or the gym. These toiletries are reusable. Unlike a disposable product that will end up in the trash, these small everyday accessories convey your commitment to respect the environment.

A cosmetic packaging in harmony with your brand identity

We make the appropriate packaging based on you brand’s identity. This includes the choice of materials, colors, finishing touches… Our creative and commercial teams are at your side to help you choose and thus convey a strong brand image that meets your expectations.

For a luxury packaging, we will favor materials such as silk, linen… For an organic cosmetic product, we will adopt more eco-responsible materials from recycled or organic textile fibers. It is your call!

Our creations : discover our different cosmetic packagings!

In need of a packaging for a different field?

Jewelry and watchmaking

Jewelry packaging fulfills more than one mission: display your jewelry in its most beautiful light, move the person who will receive the gift, protect the jeweler’s delicate work from impacts and scratches…

Specializing in the making of cases, plates and inserts, Les Etuis Mirault offer unique, custom jewelry packaging.

Ready-to-wear and textile

Fine lingerie, swimwear, scarves, and garments made of delicate materials… they need to be protected to maintain their beauty for years to come. In order to keep them protected from light and humidity, we create drawstring pouches, garment covers, tote bagsEssential packaging for ready-to-wear brands!