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Packaging for jewelry and watchmaking, elevate your creations

Your jewelry is unique and precious, what if its packaging was too? Strike up emotions upon opening the box, display your jewelry in its most beautiful light… Les Etuis Mirault recommend you the packaging for jewelry that will make a difference. Far from a regular cardboard box for storage, our packaging is here to serve your image as a brand. As packaging creators for over 150 years, our team works with both offering unique products and meeting your budget regardless of your professional field. So, are you ready to make a difference?

Customize your jewelry boxes with beautiful cushions!

Decorate your jewelry box with the most noble materials and give your packaging a luxurious look. Satin, silk, leather… We fashion cushions for watches, bracelets and other jewels in all colors and dimensions to decorate your jewelry cases.

The cushion may also be used without a box as a display in a jewelry or watchmaker’s store. Wedding cushions are also of great use to display rings. Are you ready to order yours? 

Our jewelry plates and inserts: quality displays

Jewelry plates and inserts for rings, necklaces, and other items of jewelry allow elegant positioning to showcase them. Designed according to your preferences and entirely customizable, they add a new dimension to your creation by elevating it.

The role of jewelry plates and inserts is not simply aesthetic, they also serve as protection. That is why one can find inserts inside of jewelry boxes. They make transport easier all the while limiting the risks of impacts and scratches.

Our cases for watches, necklaces, and bracelets

Cases are mostly used to display watches, necklaces, and bracelets. To each item of jewelry its own case! So stand out with an original case in harmony with your brand’s identity.

The case is a timeless packaging which has evolved throughout the years to become a true fashion accessory. Customers use it to carry jewelry, glasses, and other small objects. Choose the material, the colors, and the dimensions of your case, we will take good care in making it!

Roll-up cases, the perfect nomad product, ideal to carry your jewelry

Roll-up cases allow you to carry your jewelry without risking to damage it. Equipped with for instance snaps, they prevent your necklaces and bracelets from entangling. Thanks to small pockets and sponge stick ring displays, it is possible to put away and organize your jewelry by type, so you do not have to look for them at the bottom of your bag.

You will no longer waste your time looking for your ring! With a roll-up case, all of your jewelry is gathered in the same place and you can organize your jewelry in a manner that suits you the most.

Our creations of packagings for jewelry

Looking for a packaging for another product ?

Cosmetics and fragrances

Add to your beauty products and fragrances a remarkable packaging! Les Etuis Mirault offer to make toiletry bags, drawstring pouches, and tote bags too… Thus you offer to your customers the possibility of bringing their favorite beauty products anywhere they want.

Textile and ready to wear

The world of textiles also needs its own specific packaging. Garment covers, drawstring pouches for lingerie, tote bags… reusable fabric packagings that will charm you clientele !