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Manufacture of customized packaging

A few months before the launch of your new product, a question remains unanswered. What type of packaging should you choose to present your new product? You know that packaging is very important and you are looking for the one that will really make a difference. Colors, fabrics, finishing touches, the possibilities are so numerous that you have a hard time making a choice.

As a packaging manufacturer since 1869, Les Etuis Mirault are at your side to help you realize your project. Whether you have well-defined specifications or are looking for inspiration, we can help you come up with an impactful package. So no matter what your business is, come and discuss about your project with us.

The choice of customization for all packaging

Standing out from the crowd is not easy without packaging that is fully designed for your brand image. At Les Etuis Mirault, we create your packaging by studying it down to the smallest detail. Because it is often the little finishing touches that make all the difference!
Our creative, design and sales teams collaborate with your departments on two levels:

  • In the translation of your ideas: by writing specifications, the realization of models and prototyping.
  • In the customization of your packaging thanks to our latest generation machinery allowing us to manufacture on a large scale. Customized shaping, embroidery, hot stamping, silk-screening or woven labels… we make your product from A to Z.
  • In the exclusive creation of your fabric: jacquard, cotton…

Drawstring pouches, clutch bags… these small bags are still going strong. They are everywhere in our travel bags. And for good reasons, they are reusable and easily slipped into a suitcase or a handbag. Ecological promotional gift, they are handcrafted in our workshops near Paris.

Zipper pouches, your customers need them

The zipper pouch allows you to carry numerous items. It is part of everyone’s daily life: to bring your toiletries or makeup, to carry your jewelry… The zipper pouch has more than one function, that is why it is always needed!

Glasses cases, customize this new fashion accessory

Because of their protective role, sewn-in cases are now found for many everyday things. When buying new glasses, an e-cigarette or even a high-end pen, the product is often accompanied by its protective case. So are you ready to start creating a beautiful accessory case for your customers?

Bags and tote bags, combine the practical to the pleasant

Fabric bags and tote bags are particularly useful to carry groceries, books and various objects. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, the tote bag has also become an essential fashion accessory. Offering your customers this personalized bag contributes to convey a positive and eco-friendly image of your company.

Jewelry plates and inserts, present your creation in its best light

To transport jewelry, it is essential to have a resistant jewelry box. We manufacture jewelry plates, inserts, and cushions to protect your jewelry while showcasing it to your customers. The choice of materials and colors are there to surprise your customers.

Special products, all projects are welcome!

We make your packaging no matter the size of the product to be packaged. Clutch bags, garment covers, briefcases, key rings… Entrust us with the manufacture of your special packaging and stand out from the competition. We study all your requests for special creations and ensure that your budget is met.

What is possible on the material side?

Like shapes and colors, materials come in a multitude of choices. Whether you prefer natural materials, artificial and synthetic fibers or eco-responsible materials, let us assist you! We offer you the most adequate material for your project, whether it is a luxury packaging or a more classic packaging.

Our latest creations to discover!