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Because each project is unique,
because packaging is the essence of a brand image,
we manufacture your tailor-made products stitched by machine with great care.

We propose to our luxury and high luxury partner, a great diversity of possibilities: a textile processing that will answer each of
your demands.

It is because of our highly qualified teams and also our semi-automatic fabrication process that we can reduce the costs of production, gain in speed while maintaining reliability and quality of manual work.




Essential elements for a good knowledge of the markets and new industries. Our teams ensure a
constant monitoring to create and translate your needs in packaging and tailor-made processing while evolving our profession to increase productivity and maintain an
optimal level of competitiveness.

Over time and with an exacting know-how, our company Les Etuis Mirault became a
leading contributor in soft packaging stitched by machine in France.
A family, 6 generations and more than 140 employees unite to give life to your ideas.

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