Who are we ?


A family adventure


In 1869, Gentlemen Mirault and Leborgne founded Les Etuis Mirault.
As the time goes by, with a demanding expertise, our company become a major actor in soft packaging industry in France.

By maintaining a level of excellence, an impeccable competitive offer and service, our company is developing and expending to count more than 140 employees today.

6 generations followed each other to make Les Etuis Mirault become a
resolutely family firm, an absolute must partner of the French Luxury big brands.

French Expertise

Excellence : The made in France


Les Etuis Mirault has a Made in France philosophy.
It means the denial of low-end manufacturing, a whole different profession.

The complete transparency of cost and process, environmental and social concerns, ethics…
So many aspect where Les Etuis Mirault distingush itself against
foreign competition.

Those are assets this family-owned company has been striving to emphasis during the last century…

… Even further


Les Etuis Mirault enforces French excellence sensibility even for products that are from foreign collaborators with a permanent and demanding control in France.

It is to ensure flawless products to its clients, both in their quality and finishing as well as the values that are associated with them.

Our values

Each client is different, each project is born from a new idea,
that’s why we are dedicated to support you with the same diligence no matter the difficulty.

More than a supplier, our company prioritise support.
We create a strong bond with our clients to be an indispensable partner of tailor-made packaging. It is because our clients are in permanent research of quality product, creativity and traceability they choose proximity and excellent know-how from France’s image.

We accord a particular consideration to sustainable development, respect of the environment and to social right.
The respect of our values is crucial, and represent the backbone of our culture.
They allow us to build a clear mode of communication with our clients and employees and participate in building our company culture.

The know-how : A collaboration

Elaborating and developing a packaging, it is the realization of a brand image. It doesn’t only translate ideas, and desires, but also showcase the products…

Rework, listen, share, trade… In a word collaborate…

In nearly 150 years, Les Etuis Mirault became THE partner in the French Luxury scene, thanks to its flexibility, availability, discretion and its values…

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