Research Development Innovation


Adapting to new trends

Understanding new market trends to adopt a client approach and identify new opportunities.



…Looking for new challenges

To be modern, to amaze you, those are the stakes that push us toward new challenges in order to bring you always more novelty and creativity in our creations.

That’s why, more than a supplier, we enforce to be
the ideal partner.

Exclusively tailor-made

No stored products, we offer you exclusive creation in order to distinguish yourself and make your packagings as close as your brand DNA.


Our work has meaning only if we are source of proposals.
Our creative, design and sales team join forces your services.
Our objective : Provide you a product, the innovation and Eco-Friendly material that you need.

Through experience ...

... Tailor-made is born


Turn art professions and craftsmanship to the industry

To be modern is adapting ourselves to news demands without giving up our traditional craftsmanship.
That’s why, combining our art profession and semi-industrial process allowed us to conquer new markets and answer demands that are more complex and important.

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